How To Become A Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator!

On May 11, 2006 the Florida Supreme Court issued its first opinion in SC05-998.  This opinion and Administrative Order AOSC06-09 significantly changed the protocol for certification of mediators and for renewal of certifications.  With an effective date of August 1, 2006 it added a minimum age requirement of 21 and replaced the former mandatory education/profession-based requirements with a more flexible point system based on training, education/experience and mentorship.

On November 15, 2007 the Florida Supreme Court issued its second opinion in SC05-998 removing the Bar membership requirement of certified Circuit Court Mediators and amended the Florida Rules for Certified and Court-Appointed Mediators to provide a true point-based mediator certification system.  The Court removed the point system from Administrative Order AOSC06-09 and incorporated it into the rules and made significant changes in pursuant to Administrative Order AOSC07-57.

Most recently, on January 10, 2011, the Court issued
Administrative Order AOSC11-1 which explains, among other important details, the procedure and time limitations for certification, application and certification fees, mentorship requirements, continuing mediator education and specifically addressed Appellate Mediation Certification.  You might find it helpful to read the Rule Qualifications for Certification in conjunction with this new Administrative Order.

In order to assist you in understanding the application process and certification, the Dispute Resolution Center has created How to Become A Florida Supreme Court Certified MediatorRead this Step By Step Guide.

Please Note:  In order to accumulate the 25 point minimum in the category of Education/Mediation Experience for Circuit Civil or Family certification, you must have either [A] a Master's Degree or higher, OR [B] a Bachelor's Degree [20 points] and have substantial mediation experience as the mediator [yielding at least 5 points] or have earned a graduate certificate in Conflict Resolution [5 points].

If you have any questions about your qualifications for certification or the point system contact the Dispute Resolution Center at 850.921.2910.